First Touch is the easiest and most effective way to stay in constant contact with your boxing team at all times. Designed by veteran coaches, this powerful tool anticipates your every need and delivers real-time information when it matters most.

Want to arrange an extra sparring session at the 11th hour? Give tips on technique to your struggling southpaw? Reserve a ring for next month's title bout? Our unparalleled First Touch Boxing App allows you to apply 21st century technology to the Sweet Science.

We harness cutting edge voice, video, and data, and deliver it directly to your smartphone or tablet with one simple swipe of a button.

In addition to coaches and participants, carpooling parents will love it too, as our app has GPS directions embedded right in for added convenience.

So don't pull your punches with any other app! Come discover why our product is pound-for-pound the single best offering available. Come read the rave reviews on our customer feedback section. Your satisfaction is only a click or call away.


When choosing an App, word of mouth is the best referral. Here's what coaches have to say.


"I cannot count how often weather cancellations have occurred in the last month. There have always been problems with getting the word out to everyone quickly enough. Now, I just use the app and send an instant voice message to parents right from the road, saving everyone time and frustration. No more chasing down lost teammates. The whole group relies on it now."

Dean James, Staff Coach, New York
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"We were searching for a very reliable app to send messages to our team and found First Touch. It is super user friendly! The voice message function sets this app apart from others. If you want user friendly, reliable, and fun, then you must go with First Touch."

Amy Edwards, Head Coach
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"Parents seem to be busier every year. Practice and schedule changes are a hassle for everyone, especially when they happen on short notice. Now I can make a change or add an event to the calendar with just a tap and share it with all team members and parents instantly. Everyone gets the revisions as soon as I hit "save." Since using First Touch, communication has improved dramatically."

Graham Munro, Coach, Florida
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"Knowing what exactly the attendance will be for each practice is important in planning the right sessions. It had gotten hard predicting attendance with all the juggling of emails, texts, voicemails and phone calls. Now, all my attendance communication just runs through the app. I get an up-to-date report for each group telling me who has rsvp'd. It even sends reminders to those who forgot to rsvp."

Lee Moyce, Staff Coach, Massachusetts
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"Personally, I adore this app. It has saved me so much confusion from email threads and scattered contacts. The calendar is such a wonderful attribute. It's so easy to just enter an address and be able to follow it to where Siri gives directions—and the whole group is on the same page!"

Nancy Valles, Pennsylvania
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"I use the video sharing feature more than expected. Teammates and parents were snapping photos and videos before, but now they have a place to collect and share them officially. I can see them becoming an important resource. I find myself reviewing the videos after an event and then attaching the right clips with personal messages. It's a huge help to be able to address a technique with a particular person using video."

Gavin MacPhee, Rhode Island
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"I am not technical, but I've already learned how to send voice messages and training clips to my team regularly during the week. I like that I can communicate and encourage everyone between practices. This app has enabled me to be more responsive to each person and parents like it."

Sean Napier, Massachusetts
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"I like that all usage of the app is controlled by my own administrator (in my case it is the parent manager). Privacy is important. With young groups, we have to be sure of app security. They just choose their own login and password. Only our instructors, parents, and teammates get access to the app or any of the content."

Steve Quinones, New Hampshire


"We had been looking at developing our own app, but the cost to do one of the appropriate quality was prohibitive. First Touch saved the day. We find that teammates like it and the parents really feel in the loop. It has given us everything we were looking for. We are getting it for an unbelievably low cost. We were up and running on it almost instantly. Thousands are already using it in our first month"

Joe Bradley, Massachusetts
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